Dr Fauchon, Onco-radiothérapeute à NICE

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Dr François Fauchon


Pasteur - Centre de Haute Energie
10 Boulevard Pasteur, 06000 Nice

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Pasteur - Centre de Haute Energie
10 Boulevard Pasteur, 06000 Nice

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Tramway - Hôpital Pasteur (ligne T1)
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Bus - Hôpital Pasteur (ligne 04)

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2 Avenue du Monastère, Nice

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I practice my profession with passion and my ambition is to offer the most efficient care, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment. Listening and responsiveness is at the heart of my commitment. I worked at the Salpétrière hospital in Paris, at the Private Radiotherapy Center of Metz (Claude Bernard) as an expert for the initiation of stereotactic irradiation and at the High Energy Center of Nice for 30 years. For several years I have been treating primary or secondary brain tumors with high-end technological means such as radiosurgery under stereotactic conditions, VMAT. I have been involved for many years in many randomized European or North American studies in these tumors. In particular I included in the EORTC 22952-26001 trial the third cohort. This study refers worldwide with more than 400 citations in subsequent articles concerning this field in full revolution. I have specially studied rare brain tumors such as medulloblastomas, meningiomas, or tumors of the pineal region. The published articles are a world reference in the latter field.

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